Willowbrook Farm, Oxford

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  1. Wow.such a nice experience .first time i ever heard about this program .yer la usuallya kat msia ni mana nak ada mcm ni kan. :).

  2. HiDayah says:

    What a great experience!

  3. anithsms says:

    Look like u enjoy what u’re doing.. Great experience!! i would like to give a try .. 1st big step make me feels nervous & anxious.
    hopefully i get to meet up with u. can we?

  4. Anithsms says:

    U currently stay in Madrid? I’m planning to do wwoofing in downtown NZ.

    I’m planning with my friend, but she’s didn’t confirm yet. So,this might delay my plans. Would glad if i can get ur contact details as it’s bit scared to do it alone.
    Wanna get ur advise on it

  5. Riza says:

    Such a pity the owners are retiring due to ill health…at least that is what I heard. Do let me know if you know different.

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