How to be a productive Muslimah housewife?

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You are such an inspiration zarina! I’m 35 this year, still single. And that alone makes me questioned the purpose of my life sometimes. Your post makes me wanna start doing good for myself first! Pls pray for me.

  2. Mita says:

    Assalamu’alaikum yaa ukhti Zarina..

    Jazaakunallah khairan for the blog that you posted above. I realized we have almost similar phase for being a better housewife and learn to be a shalihah too.. I pray for you and your husband to have the blessing from Allah for the greatest gift to be the best parents for your children.

    I find it difficult to learn as a housewife but Alhamdulillaah me and my husband now have the greatest gift to be the parents of a daughter. Still one but In Syaa Allah to plan to have more :). Nevertheless.. what I want to share with you here is.. being a housewife or parents or married or single is not necessary the problem in life, it is not a problem at all… the thing as muslimah is that we have to keep in mind this life is not just about learning process but also a test for us to keep istiqomah in the right path.. this is not an easy task.

    I found so many things to do being at home while taking care of my daughter and learning about Islam but still… we often feels the downside and this should be fought every single time… be patience and ask mercy from Allah Ta’ala.. I really hope your blog and inspiration can give my self and all the sisters out there to be more patience and always remember Allah Ta’ala in their heart.. just keep learning and keep istiqomah sisters. Being muslimah is the greatest nikmah from Allah… in syaa Allah we will meet in jannah. Aamiiin…

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