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Parque Del Oeste Rose Garden Madrid

Alhamdulillah, terima kasih pada adik pelajar dari Malaysia ni yang sudi ajak pergi jalan2 melawat Parque Del Oeste Rose Garden Madrid. Musim panas yang mencabar ni kalau ikutkan perasaan memang nak duduk rumah je. 🙂 Parque – Park – Taman Del – de el – of the  Oeste – West –...


Cherry blossoms at Retiro Park

The recent first two weeks in April in Madrid has been quite cloudy and drenched with rain much much more than last year’s April for sure. I remember that around last year’s April, the weather had been steadily increasing and quite stable but more humid though. It seems that this...


Summer flower

These pictures of summer flower in Spain was taken around early august in Madrid. There are a few and will try to update this post as and when I found more and more of them. Insha Allah. One of the unlisted seven wonders of the world is when you were...