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How to Go to Segovia from Madrid

2017 runs pretty quick and it is already 10th of January today! Subhanallah. We went to Segovia last week on my birthday, yeay! !Alhamdulillah and in this post I will explain how to go to Segovia from Madrid.  I will write a few posts for our Segovia trip though and...


How To Go To Madrid From Barajas Airport?

  Barajas Terminal 4, Madrid. Official website: Barajas Airport. “Madrid-Barajas Airport (Spanish: Aeropuerto Internacional de Madrid-Barajas) is the main international airport serving Madrid in Spain.  In 2010, over 49.8 million passengers used Madrid-Barajas making it the country’s largest and busiest airport, and in 2009 it was the world’s 11th busiest airport and Europe’s fourth busiest airport.  It opened in 1928, and...