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Cherry blossoms at Retiro Park

The recent first two weeks in April in Madrid has been quite cloudy and drenched with rain much much more than last year’s April for sure. I remember that around last year’s April, the weather had been steadily increasing and quite stable but more humid though. It seems that this...


Manzanares Park

Madrid definitely has many beautiful parks and we frequently spend our time at one of the parks to just laze around. Although we love, love, love Buen Retiro Park but we often go to the one nearest to home, Manzanares Park or if you say its name in Spanish, it will...


Buen Retiro Park

 One of the many gates to enter Buen Retiro Park. We actually walked from Atocha Station until this gate. Phew…I’m exhausted. Madrid has many beautiful parks or gardens and Buen Retiro Park is one of them. Okay..parque or jardin is in Spanish and means park as in English. Hehe..I just...