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One post one day 0

One post one day

An apple a day keeps the doctor away..not quite right. Hehehe…we need more than just an apple. A post a day…keeps my brain sane. I have been updating this blog with almost one post a day at a breakneck-speed just until our WiFi gave out on me! Hah!! Dear WiFi,...


My First Few Weeks in Spain

I have visited my mother-in-law three times so far. As always, meeting the other side of the family has never been less than awkward. The reason being, I don’t speak either Spanish, Moroccan dialect or Berber language. My main interpreter is my husband. Help!! If you’re wondering, I am married...


Why I Want To Go To Spain?

And now is the time for that BIG question. Why I want to visit Spain?  It has never crossed my mind to visit the EU countries before due to currency value and differences. Spain uses Euro (pronounced as ‘Aewooro’ in Spanish) and the value as of now is MRY 4...


My First Post On BudgetTravel2Spain 10102012

My first post is written today on 10102012. There’s nothing better than to officiate this blog by having this hand drawn map of Spain done by none other than me self! ^^ **I have moved this site to since 12th November 2015**