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Madrid dilitupi salji

Subhanallah!! Madrid dilitupi salji baru2 ini pada hari Ahad dan Isnin ( 4 dan 5 Februari 2018).Orang yang berusia pun boleh jadi teruja bila tengok salji turun kan? Walaupun sejuk mencengkam ke tulang tetapi hati terasa hangat. Puitis gitu. Heheh..Tiba2 jadi seronok sangat macam kanak2, merasa ajaib dengan ciptaan Allah....


Spring in Madrid

Alhamdulillah, we are blessed yet again to appreciate the pretty season and enjoy the beautiful weather during spring in Madrid. This time around, a Korean friend; Woo Hye who is married to an American and currently are living in Warsaw, Poland came down to Madrid for a short 2-days visit. What a...


When Is The Best Season To Visit Spain?

Personally, I would avoid summer and winter at all cost………or maybe just summer. Just because Malaysia is summer all year long. I am tanned enough so no..muchas gracias *pronounced as ‘Muchas grathias’ means ‘Thank you very much’*. According to my research so far..I have been warned that July and August...