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Albayzin – Part 3

Today (our third and the last day in Granada), we tried another route up to Albayzin. We walked towards Puerta de Elvira from Calle Elvira. We stopped in front of a little iglesia or chapel and replenished our water. I told my husband that my conventional parents would scold me...


Albayzin – Part 2

Continuing my post on Albayzin – Part 1,where I have left it pretttty long because of my time constraint and etc. Yeah…an excuse..hehe. I better start writing about it before it is gone from my memory. We walked up to the area where many Moroccan sellers selling similar type of...


Albayzin – Part 1

Ahhh… *sigh* a lovely place, my Albayzin. My only two grudges are..the pebble-paved road and the dog’s ^^. So many dog shit…a statistic says that there are about 4.8 million dogs against 40 million people living in Spain. Not a shocker there. I have nothing against dogs as I love...