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Walking around Oxford: Part 2

Continuing on my post from Walking around Oxford: Part 1… Top: The location of Robert Boyle´s house Bottom-Left: University Church of St Mary the Virgin Bottom-Right: This signboard is just right under University Church of St Mary the Virgin   From High Street, I took a right corner just next to University...


Walking around Oxford: Part 1

It took me about 5 hours initially to walk around Oxford without taking any tour with guide trips. My host’s brother; Mr Hassan from Willowbrook Farm was very kind to drop me off at the city center before going to the Sunday market on 19th October of 2014. Alhamdulillah, the...


Central Oxford Mosque

I have left Oxford close to three weeks now but I still miss that charming city. A city that reminds me of knowledge and……….. my old dictionary hahaha…yess! I have used a small Oxford English-Malay dictionary during my primary school while seriously playing Scrabble. ^^ Well, interesting enough…after more than...