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Plaza Mayor in Madrid

In my opinion, Plaza Mayor is a must visit Madrid tourist spot if you have never seen such architecture before. It was built during the year 1598-1621 of Philip III’s reign. The plaza is rectangular in shape and on top are the residential buildings. OMG, people do live here! I...


Granada Mosque

Our first day in Granada was on Friday, the 15th of August 2014. We purposely booked a weekend getaway from Madrid to coincide with Friday prayer time…so we could have a chance to pray at Mezquita de Granada (in Spanish) or Granada Mosque. Alhamdulillah, Allah granted our wish. As usual,...


Granada Cathedral

This picture of Granada Cathedral was taken at around 8.00 am on 15th of August 2014. Very bright sky and hot summer in Granada. It reached 37 degree Celsius in the afternoon and walking outside in that weather almost toasted us. ^^ Since we could only checked in at 10.30...


Cercanias Renfe Train in Madrid

Cercanias..Honestly, I like the sound of this word. ^^ A search from Google Translate gave me quite a few results: side surroundings neighborhood outskirts Cercanias is a commuter rail service by Renfe in Madrid. Check the website here. My first experience taking the Cercanias was when I arrived at Madrid...


LAC Bus in Granada

The LAC bus service is pretty new in Granada city. It just started on 29th June 2014 and LAC is the abbreviation for ‘Linea de Alta Capacidad’. More info here (in Spanish). SN1 bus from Granada bus station. Hence I was surprised that we needed to transfer to another type...


Los Tilos Hotel Review

We stayed at Los Tilos Hotel in Granada for two nights and we paid only 84 euros ~ RM350. I booked the hotel from Booking.com and after checking Trivago.com for the cheapest price. We did not want to splurge on the accommodation but we just want something centrally located, easily...


Granada Bus Station

When we were about to reach Granada bus station, the bus driver turned on the lights in the bus and told us that we were near Granada bus station now and be prepared to alight. I saw a gas station called Red ahorro right before entering Granada bus station and...


Madrid Bus Station – Estacion Sur de Madrid

This was the second time that I took a bus from Estacion Sur de Madrid. The first one was when we had a trip to Cordoba around November 2013. We bought bus tickets from the same company – ALSA. Actually, there are a few bus stations in Madrid and depending where...


My First Few Weeks in Spain

I have visited my mother-in-law three times so far. As always, meeting the other side of the family has never been less than awkward. The reason being, I don’t speak either Spanish, Moroccan dialect or Berber language. My main interpreter is my husband. Help!! If you’re wondering, I am married...


Spain, Economy and Living Cost

Fear not..this is not a paper presentation for my Phd research on Spain’s Economy. The economy subject is really not my forte’ and I’m not in Madrid for a scroll of Phd. So I won’t bore you with one. I was lucky that Economy was not a compulsory subject during...


My First Post On BudgetTravel2Spain 10102012

My first post is written today on 10102012. There’s nothing better than to officiate this blog by having this hand drawn map of Spain done by none other than me self! ^^ **I have moved this site to zarinaelkabdani.com since 12th November 2015**